GEOMAR Technologie: MobiWinch

MobiWinch: Mobile Software-Controlled Deep-Sea Cable Winch

  MobiWinch is an innovative system supporting deep sea research work on the seafloor in a water depth of up to 10,000 m. It is best suitable for the marine geo-sciences, e.g. guiding of heavy sampling devices, launching and recovering of deep-sea long-term measuring stations. MobiWinch is a compact designed system, so the transport is not that expensive and a world-wide operation is possible.

Since the cable drums are exchangeable for the various cable types, MobiWinch may be used for complex and difficult commercial applications, e.g. deep-sea search and recovery operations, inspections of under water ways etc.

The containerization of MobiWinch for a standard 20-feet container frame enables the operation of simple to difficult cable or rope guided detection or sampling devices on ships, which are normaly not equipped with winches. TV-sledge, deep-sea roboter, ROVís (remotely operated vehicles), video-monitored and board controlled net and ground grabs may be transported as payload by MobiWinch.

The cable drums are exchangeable so that cables of different diameter and length can be used, e.g. coax cable, multi-line cable, fibre-optical cable. The electric drive guarantees exact device guide and silent operation.

MobiWinch's main characteristics are:

For some more informations, please see the attached WORD-formatted document; sorry, but without figures.
For details, please contact GEOMAR Technologie. We will discuss the application of the MobiWinch for your purposes and we will consult and inform you for the various possibilities for the use of MobiWinch.


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