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Welcome to the Exhibition,
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GEOMAR Technologie proudly presents at the recent event, the

          Oceanology International 98, 10 - 13 March 1998, Brighton, UK

its array of equipment, technologies, and scientific, technical and administrative services. Informations about the marine science and ocean technology exhibition and conference including programme details are listed on the website of Spearhead Exhibitions Ltd..
The GEOMAR Technologie exhibition showcase will include

Other products and services also are displayed at the conference, but you may take with you at least a part of our line of business by browsing through these sites.
However, webspace is limited (currently: 1 MB).

Our representatives at the fair will love to help you and give you information, don't hesitate to contact us.
However, besides of the actual fair you should contact the GEOMAR Technologie by any of the communication lines listed below.


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