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GEOMAR Technologie GmbH - an Enterprise in Geomarine and Sea Technology

GEOMAR Technologie GmbH (GTG; GmbH is similar like Ltd.) is a geomarine service company working in close cooperation with science and industry. GEOMAR Technologie acts as an agent between science and industry and vice versa. GTG's tasks are closely tied to private companies as well as to the public Foundation for Marine Geosciences GEOMAR.
GEOMAR Technologie GmbH carries out cost-covered research and development work, services and deliveries at its own responsibility. GTG is not primarily focused on profit earning, but regards itself as a well-established organization for the improvement of technology transfer as well as the regional economy. The dominant shareholder of GTG is the GEOMAR Enterprise Association, also known as GUG (GEOMAR - Unternehmens-Gemeinschaft). The GUG unites a majority of small and middle-sized enterprises (SME) of the maritime sector, dealing with trade, production and service.

The distribution of the GTG nominal share capital:



Cooperation in Marine Technology and Oceanography

GEOMAR Technologie GmbH renders important technical services at all subacademic but routine levels of the research process. GTG also develops innovative marine research equipment in close cooperation with the scientific community. The newly developed products, the accumulated experience and the access to large research facilities represent a growing potential for the acquisition of commercial and at the site offshore jobs. The principal of a division of work between the scientific community and private enterprise was institutionalized by contractual cooperation between the GEOMAR Research Center and the GEOMAR Technologie GmbH. It has demonstrated its effectiveness and flexibility even under difficult macroeconomic conditions by the support of the SME-network. By this linkage GTG offers a multitude of marine technology products and services which can be quickly mobilized for complex research project.


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