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With the objective «to effectively contribute to the development of a sustainable maritime economy, the initiative aims at favoring international and multi-parties cooperation for:

  • Capacity Building: Developing knowledge of the ocean and human capacities through academic and professional education and training programs, thematic seminars and tutorials.
  • Research and Innovation: Developing “Green” technologies, services, practices for a sustainable exploitation of ocean resources.
  • Regulations and policies: Accelerating transfer of experience between maritime territories to support the set up and adoption of more sustainable practices in the frame of ICZM.
  • Communication: Promoting the concepts of “Blue growth” and of international cooperation between maritime territories and communities to approach this goal.
  • Creating interest and awareness for the Ocean and its role concernig the economic, climatic and biological balance of the planet through hot spot actions such as “Sea world Expos”.

Based on its rationale, the Maritime Pavilion mainly relies upon actions engaged with or by partners from very various sectors (public, private, academic, scientific, nongovernmental and non -profit organizations), sharing the vision and finding in the “Pavilion” a mean to enhance coordinate coordination.

Current and coming actions:

  • COOS: "Integrated Coastal and Ocean Observing Systems" to foster the harmonization of integrated ocean monitoring in coastal waters and the EEZ.
    Concrete applied projects:
    • MEXICOOS: Implementation of COOS in the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific coast
    • INDICOOS: Implementation of COOS in Indonesia
    • VietCOOS: Discussions have begun for Vietnam
    • ARGICOOS: Implementation of COOS in Argentina
    • etc.
  • Blue Farming: To develop the technical and economic model for sustainable aquaculture, in particular by considering carrying capacities (through ocean monitoring), feeding techniques and co-cultivation of different species.
  • Blue Print: Creating a label or brand based on scientific criteria to qualify for sustainable maritime activities and fund raising.
  • World Expo hosting an International Maritime Pavilion beside the national ones.

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