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Our vision

For the 21st century the Ocean looks like a new Eldorado, pulling the demand for new techniques and services in a large panel of the economy. However, this economic growth has a cost: a fast degradation of marine resources and growing international competition. wave

The Maritime Community as a whole is conscious of the dimension of this stake. Many initiatives were born over the world to respond to the many challenges hidden behind the two words: “global change”.

But, the Ocean is global by itself. There is no sustainable solution without a strong international cooperation. Moreover, it requires involvement of all parties concerned. The scientific, the public as well as the economic sectors work together to develop knowledge, green technologies and practices, plus suited policies and regulations.

The International Maritime Pavilion has been thought by maritime communities for maritime communities: a common space to self-manage their change, capitalizing on human knowledge, know-how and energies. It may be described as an “International Ocean Innovation & Development Center” set up to gather the maritime world for designing the so called “blue growth”.

The goal is to host, to encourage, to contribute and to promote individual and collaborative projects sharing this spirit, increasing their visibility and impact thanks to enhanced coordination and cooperation.

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One main promotion action:
A “Sea World Expo” as part of the “World Expos”

The idea of setting up an “International Maritime Pavilion” was born in 2009, during the preparation step of the World Exhibition “Shanghai 2010”.

The World exhibitions are characterized by national pavilions, country by country. However, the ocean covers to over 70% of the “Blue Planet” and represents a permanently growing economy, attracting a so fast growing population (more than 50% of the world population live on its coasts). More, the ocean constitutes a major component of the Earth’s climatic and biological balance.

So, while being at the centre of our concerns related to Global Change, there is no “Maritime Pavilion” at the World Exhibition to represent to the maritime world, under all its dimensions and facets: The Ocean has no national government to take care of it.

The idea was discussed for the Shanghai Expo 2010 with key stakeholders and gathered interest. The following edition took place in the maritime city of Yeosu under the motto “the Living Ocean and Coast/ diversity of resources and sustainable activities”. Milano, Italy, will follow in 2015. reef

This is a call to step into this vision: To gather the maritime community in its own space, an “International Maritime Pavilion”. More than a symbol, it would demonstrate the supra-national character of the ocean, its impact on our life … an invitation for discovering, and strengthening international “Ocean Care” and PPSP1 towards better practices and policies.

To know more or to join in: An International Maritime Pavilion for the World Expo


1 PPSP = Public-Private-Scientific-Partnership

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