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International Maritime Pavilion
Pavillon Maritime International

A Maritime Pavilion as part of the World Expo

The World exhibitions are characterized by national pavilions, country by country.

However, the "blue" planet "Earth" is covered to over 70% by the oceans, more than 40% of the world population live beside the seas, maritime transport represents 90% of international trade volume and the exploitation for marine resources is the new Eldorado. More, we do know that the ocean constitutes a major component of the earth climatic and biological balance.

So, the idea was born in 2009 to host the Sea World in a dedicated International Maritime Pavilion at the World Exhibition. The objective is to represent the maritime world, under all its facets: living, economy, environment, science, natural resources, culture, history….

This vision was launched for Shanghai 2010 and key stake¬holders, including the UN and the EC expressed their. The next World Expo is organised in the maritime city of Yeosu under he motto “the Living Ocean and Coast/ diversity of resources and sustainable activities”.

So now, the idea of setting up an “International Maritime Pavilion” imposes itself . For the first time, the oceans and maritime communities would thus be gathered at the 95th World Exhibition in their own space. It is more than a symbol: It would allow hosting presentations, expositions, and conferences covering all maritime issues, under their global and local aspects (port cities, shipping, environment, natural resources, ICZM1, MSP2 etc.) within the red line of "ocean and sustainable development".

The concept follows a thematic grouping, unique beside the traditional national pavilions. Thus, the Sea World Exhibition will be a real demonstrator of the global character and impact of the ocean plus an invitation for streng¬thening international cooperation towards better practice and policies.

As key stakeholder in the ocean sector, we would very much appreciate your support in this initiative. Your advice and your assistance in fund raising would help realising the initiative.

With the hope to hear from you soon, we advance our sincere thanks for your support.

1 ICZM = integrated coastal zones management
2 MSP = maritime spatial planning

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