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International Maritime Pavilion
Pavillon Maritime International

Maritime PPSP1 for a Blue Growth

With globalisation phenomena, the “blue planet” is becoming a major driver of the economy: supporting 90% of international trade, welcoming more than 50% of the world’s population within 50 km of the coast lines, providing millions of jobs, 40% of energy resources... seal

This growing interest for the Ocean is pulling the demand for technologies, services, expertise in may various domains, opening for many economic opportunities.

However, this success has a cost: its environmental impact. The Ocean is a core component of the biological and climatic balance of the planet, and this balance is threatened by human activities, onshore and offshore.

The International Maritime Pavilion is an international initiative that was borne from many bilateral and international cooperation actions carried out in partnership between the academic, scientific, public and private sectors and linked by a common goal: to identify new paths for a blue Growth in industrialised and developing countries as well. windpark

1 PPSP = Public-Private-Scientific-Partnership

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